Kärntner-Classic-Cup (KCC) 2020

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Kärntner-Classic-Cup (KCC) 2020: *
Kärntner-Classic-Cup (KCC)
TIPP! Trucks or military vehicles are not eligible to start. Only cars are allowed to participate in the »Kärntner-Classic-Cup (KCC)« . Participation is open to all nationals and foreigners, who have reached the age of 18 and are in possession of a valid driving license. A team basically consists of a driver and a navigator. An exchange between driver and navigator is allowed. Read more ...

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TIP! By submitting your entry to the »Kärntner-Classic-Cup (KCC)« you can also register for the events listed below. We will forward your entry data to the respective organizer. The respective organizer will contact you regarding the entry confirmation and the entry fee (payment instruction).
Kleiner Preis vom Kraigerberg (2) 2020:
Kleiner Preis vom Kraigerberg 2020

The »Kleiner Preis vom Kraigerberg« is a scoring run that belongs to the »KÄRNTNER-CLASSIC-CUP« and the »Kraigerberg Classic Cup«.
Read more ...
smsCS-Classic-Sprint 2020:
SMS-Classic-Sprint 2020
The event is a gathering for Oldtimer, Youngtimer, sportive vehicles, motorcycles and vespas. In the course of our trip you can explore the beautiful surroundings of the Carinthian lakes.
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TAFRENT-Classic-Sprint 2020:
TAFRENT Classic Sprint 2020

Since 2012, this classic car rally is performed. The »TAFRENT-Classic-Sprint« is not only designed to ease the first steps in the classic sport for beginners, but also to be a challenging fun for experienced rallye pilotes. Read more ...